AAP to set-up ‘subsidised canteens’ in Delhi


    AAP to set-up ‘subsidised canteens’ in Delhi


    Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal led-Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has announced to set up highly subsidised ‘Aam Aadmi canteens’, first of which will come up in two months and serve nutritious food in the Rs 5-10 range.

    These subsidised canteens are aimed especially at the working class population.

    A Delhi Dialogue Commission (DDC) proposal in this regard was approved by Kejriwal yesterday.

    However, there was no official word on the amount of subsidy required for the scheme.

    “Today the choice is limited for the poor when it comes to having nutritious food. They have to depend on food that is often unhygienic yet pricey,” DDC Vice-Chairman Ashish Khetan told the media here.

    The canteens are likely to come up in and around industrial areas, hospitals, educational institutions and commercial hubs with its management to be outsourced to NGOs or private agencies.

    Similar government-run canteens are in operation in Tamil Nadu and Odisha.