Art Curator Seema Subbanna hosted MYSTICAL NARRATIVES by Artist Anjan Chakraverty @ Alliance Francaise De Delhi

Social Activist Ratan Kaul, Guru Maa Acharya Anita, Philanthropist Neelam Pratap Rudy, Cultural Visionary Prathibha Prahlad with Art Curator Seema Subbanna

19th August 2016, New Delhi: Art Curator Seema Subbanna hosted an evening for the opening ceremony of MYSTICAL NARRATIVES by Artist Anjan Chakraverty at Alliance, Francaise, Lodhi Estate. The show was inaugurated by Ms. Neelam Pratap Rudy. MYSTICAL NARRATIVES, based on Yoginis and tree-goddesses, devis and nymphs are the presiding characters and all having a dialogue with nature. The exhibition will be on till 21st August 2016.

Some of the esteemed guests who attended the event included Cultural Visionary Prathibha Prahlad, Guru Maa Acharya Anita, Artist Anand Moy Banerjee, Duttatraya Apte, Celebrity Star Salon Hair Expert Niell Talwar, Make up Expert Aashmeen Munjal, Author Aruna Vasudev, Ambassador of Peace Ratan Kaul, Artist Sailesh Sanghavi, Stylist Vikram Seth, Uma Vasudev, Binoy Verghese, Fashion Designer Preeti Ghai, Harjinder Kaur, Tara Roy to name a few.

Artist Anjan Chakraverty says,“This is a very special show for me. I was looking for accongenial ambience. These are small little songs and require patient listener. I am glad to hold this show finally and give entire credit to the curatorial support. The paintings on display form a series. These are not there to extend any particular story; these are about a poetic refrain, meant to be savored leisurely.”

Curator Seema Subbanna says,“Art is something about which I am really passionate. Anjan is a great artist and his works speak volumes about his understanding of the subject. It’s a pleasure to look at these works”.

About Artwork

His paintings are illustrative images created in the gouache technique or opaque-watercolor. There is a manifest iconic element revolving around nature and has mystical characters. Some of his paintings are influenced by medieval poetry and popular lore’s, yet such literary metaphors are absorbed in a personalized mythical narrative that is very contemporary. There are undertones of symbolism surrounding the figures and elements of nature that he repeatedly portrays with stylization. There are spells of darkness in the groves lurking with surreal elements.

Yoginis and tree-goddesses, devis and nymphs are the presiding characters. And they are shown to be having a dialogue with nature. Trees, lotuses, lilies create the ritualistic ambiance and a harmonious environment. And all of these collectively portray a magical world, ever present with all its physical details.