The best taste of Mexico @ Arriba Mexican Grill And Tequileria

Arriba Mexican Grill Tequileria
Arriba offers cuisine faithful to the traditional roots of Mexico while incorporating modern/fusion twists with inspired innovations. Combining fresh & locally procured ingredients with authentic methods of preparation, marination and wood-fire grilling, Arriba Mexican Grill and Tequileria enchants the palate with a play of tastes and textures. Choose from a curated range of Mexican street favorites, hot and cold starters, Ceviches, popular Tex-Mex dishes, mains from the grill and delicious desserts, that will have you exclaiming “Arriba, Arriba” in pleasure, approval and delight !

Arriba is also India’s first Tequileria, an avant-garde establishment where Tequila is not only served at the tequila bar but will also be innovatively and inventively used in cooking.

Arriba is a celebration of all things Tequila ! Extracted from the special Blue Agave, grown only in the region around Tequila, Mexico, this spirit is clear, fragrant and delicious! Enjoyed simply on the rocks, blended with fruit and ice into margaritas, or slammed as shots with salt & wedges of lime ~ Arriba houses a spectacular collection of Blanco, Reposado and Añejo Tequila to choose from and boasts one of the largest collections of Margaritas on its bar menu.