A Brunch with A Conscience by V Resorts – Resorts Farm Stay Delhi

Resorts Farm Stay Delhi

This weekend, Delhi woke up to the smells of freshly-cooked Indian cuisine with a twist, coupled with slight tinges of fine wine. The occasion was a unique Farm to Fork brunch at V Resorts Farm Stay Delhi, organized by V Resorts to promote the concept of consuming locally-produced organic food products. The weather was perfect, the location, a judicious distance from crowded Delhi was green, lush, quiet and was reminiscent of a merry meal in the middle of the hills.


With highly-processed food becoming staple, fresh and healthy produce has become scarce, ridding marginalized farmers of their livelihood. V Resorts, staying true to their mission of engaging and nurturing local communities while promoting sustainable development, decided to bring the concept of slow food to the affluent urban of Delhi. The brunch spread, curated by Chef Tarun Sibal of One Fine Meal, consisted of Indian delicacies cooked from fresh vegetables and fruits, few grown on the company’s farms (V Resorts has an award-winning fruit orchard with more than 30 varieties of Indian and exotic fruits), and the rest sourced from the neighboring small farmers.


The event, while bringing an experimental dining experience to its guests, demonstrated the viability and judiciousness of the Terra Madre concept embraced by more than 2000 local food communities around the world. Terra Madre, Italian for ‘Earth Mother’, is a worldwide network of local communities of small-scale food producers, including farmers, fishermen, breeders and food artisans, that focuses on local sourcing and consumption of food in a way that safeguards the environment and communities.


Farm to Fork, true to its name, brought locally-grown gastronomical delights to its numerous guests, who also had a chance to savor fine wine and cocktails with the lush spread, while a brilliant acoustic trio performed mellow old English and Hindi classics to add melody to the afternoon. Besides food and wine enthusiasts, the event was attended by many famous food and travel bloggers and media personnel representing various publications.

About V Resorts

V Resorts is a new age travel solutions company that provides standardised premium experiences in the leisure travel space. Giving our guests a taste of the local – and we’re not just talking food here – is the V Resorts way. After working so hard, there are times you want to be pampered and just be at leisure in a spectacular but unobtrusive landscape. That’s a code our resorts work by. Each resort is a self-contained destination by itself.

We aim to introduce the harried Indian traveller to new and unexplored places in India, and towards that we are developing new destinations — and — ideas for tourism. Today, we have 60 resorts in 14 states across India. And are growing rapidly.

Each property of this resort chain is often the only commercial centre in the area and highly relies on local resources to help run its places.