Delhi’s rights charter to empower women’s body


    Delhi’s rights charter to empower women’s body



    A draft bill on a Charter of Women’s Rights has been prepared to give additional powers to the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), the Delhi Dialogue Commission (DDC) said on Wednesday.

    “We will hold public consultations for four weeks and also organise roundtable conferences to deliberate over the draft,” DDC vice chairman Ashish Khetan said.

    “We have uploaded a copy of the draft bill on our website for public consultation,” he told the media.

    The bill, prepared by DDC, covers a range of issues including women’s safety and security, dowry and female infanticide.

    Khetan said it would also include recommendations of the Justice Verma committee which sought amendments in the criminal law for quicker trial and enhanced punishment in sexual assault cases.

    “It will be a singular arching bill which proposes an administrative-judicial mechanism for the proper implementation of the several rights of the women including the right against all forms of violence, the right to appropriate health care, the right to education, right to privacy and the right to equality,” he said.

    The proposed bill aims at strengthening the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) by giving it more administrative and judicial powers.

    “This bill would also give powers to the DCW to enforce rights of women and initiate action if orders are not complied with.

    “It also proposes that the DCW will work as a single window to work and enforce women related matters,” he said.




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