Exchange for Change 2013-15 by Routes2Roots


    Leading Indian NGO, Routes2Roots in collaboration with The Citizens Archive of Pakistan have taken a step forward to spread peace and love between the countries, India and Pakistan.
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    Leading Indian NGO, Routes2Roots in collaboration with The Citizens Archive of Pakistan have taken a step forward to spread peace and love between the countries, India and Pakistan. Both the organization came together for physical exchange of the students under the programme ‘Exchange for Change 2013-2015’. The programme is again making a difference by the visit of 52 delegates including 36 students from Pakistan on 8 February, 2015. With an aim to improve and spread peace and friendship between two nations by school students in different countries, this time the students and delegates will be meeting students from DPS Shushant Lok, Gurgaon.

    The event will see students from both the nations sharing their culture, lifestyle, familial tradition and even the ways in which they carry out conversation!”This excellent learning opportunity typically leaves students with better understanding of people and their lifestyle,” says Rakesh Gupta, Founder, Routes2Roots. He adds further, “The programme Exchange for Change has brought about visible change in the perception of the young participants from both the countries. And, not to mention, these students will be the leaders of tomorrow, so it is actually a positive step towards a peaceful future.”

    Dr. Ruchi Seth, Principal DPS, Shushant Lok, Said, “ It was a wonderful experience for the students as for me as my roots are from Pakistan and I would like to extend a vote on thanks to the NGO Routes2Roots for talking this initiative. Because of the cultural similarity of both nations, it is all the more important to make peace with Pakistan for growth of both countries so that students can relate to each-other and create an everlasting bond of friendship and love.”

    To make the day more pleasant, the students from DPS Shushant Lok will perform cultural dance for friends from different parts of Pakistan; Karanchi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The delegates will be conducting a session on Exchange for Change. This is to give a brief about the programme to the students. Talking about the initiative, Swaleha Alam Shehzada from Citizen Archives of Pakistan shares, “Crossing over with Pakistani students and teachers through the historic gates of Wagah – Attari is always a special moment for the Exchange for Change participants. It brings us one step closer to our friends across the border, one step closer to appreciating each other and a final step towards a lasting commitment of friendship.”

    In order to spread happiness and peace, both the organisations have been working together to host many cultural activities in India and Pakistan. Sharing her experience for such initiative, Paayal Ramesh, student, Dawood Public School, Karachi says, “The two years of Exchange for Change have been wonderful. This has helped me polish my aim of making friends from Pakistan and India. It is actually like a long-lasting experience which I can’t describe in words.”

    With an opportunity to meet students from different parts of Pakistan, Arunima Mittal, class 9th, student, DPS Sushant Lok shares, “Of course this is going to be a lifetime moment. Apart from fun and interesting sessions, it will be incredible to exchange thoughts and learn new things from them, even though it’s for a short span.”

    With an objective to spread peace and prosperity in India and Pakistan, Routes2Roots and The Citizens Archive of Pakistan have opted the future generations of both the nations. The initiative has been praised and endorsed by parents from both the countries.