Ghungat by Shaveta & Anuj launched their flagship store in India

Ghungat by Shaveta & Anuj

GHUNGAT by Shaveta & Anuj successfully launched their flagship store in India at E-29 First Floor, South Ex- II, New Delhi.

When intricacy meets textures and bold hues, Ghungat by Shaveta & Anuj comes into being.


Ghungat by Shaveta & Anuj is a spectacle driven brand that values substance equally. The label prides itself for creating “dream come true couture” and for blending ancient traditions of Indian craftsmanship with contemporary comfort, twists and turns.

Some of the guests who were present at the event were Ratan Kaul, Designer Padma Swarupa, Singer Priyanka Goyat, Tarot Card Reader Poonam Sethi, Entrepreneur Sonal Jindal to name a few.

An extremely lavish store, contemporary in nature, reflects a flawless fusion of style and luxury- from use of lively colours to classy embellishments – this is a shopping lover’s paradise.

The luxurious store showcases some of the finest and most exquisite of clothing line and is all set to become a shopaholic’s heaven. Their unique designs are used on most exquisite and luxurious fabrics to give that feeling as of the special moments that you will cherish for the rest of their life.

About GHUNGAT by Shaveta & Anuj

What started as an exclusive label in a one-room studio in small city of Jammu in 1993 spread its wings in Dubai in 2004 and  soon transformed into a full- fledged boutique; and by 2010 had to open its second store with much bigger space to accommodate the growing customer base. September 2015 saw Ghungat opening its Store in Houston to cater to the growing international clientele. Dubai being an international destination and our foray in the USA gave Ghungat a phenomenal experience to dress the Indian origin brides from the world over and that reflects in each of the Ghungat ensemble.

All of these events led to Ghungat bringing their extravagant creations to New Delhi, where it promises to become a front-runner for brides who are demure yet daring.

“Perfection has always been the key and we look for those perfect craftsmen with enormous expertise. The detailing for us always has to be luxe and each of the ensembles has to have a personality.”

Less cookie-cutter, more custom-made – Ghungat brings a mélange of distinctive colours, bold textures and traditional crafts that play out on lush fabrics.

When it comes to bridal wear, Ghungat pushes the envelope at a refreshing pace. The grandeur remains intact, but the experience is regal, elegant and celebrates the wearer more than the occasion.