Go Gorgeous, Happy and Chirpy this Monsoon


    Celebrity Makeup Artist Riya Vashist shares Makeup Tips for Monsoons. Delhi-based makeup artist, Riya Vashist has a vast portfolio, ranging from television and editorial to bridal make-up.
    Makeup Artist -Riya Vashist bigMonsoon, the most awaited season by everyone has its own pros & cons. And when we talk about women, the major constraint during this season is to wear too much of makeup. The heavy showers might just ruin your makeup and leave you behind looking like a complete disaster than bringing out the best in you. Here are few makeup tips by Riya Vashist that one can follow while applying makeup when the weather gets muggy & humid.

    Cleansing: Clean your face with an appropriate cleanser. Later massage your skin with a cube of ice as this will prepare a base for the makeup to stay for a longer duration. Those with oily skin can apply astringent and those with dry can use toner to close the pores and give a fresh look.

    Foundation: One should avoid using foundation during rains as this might mess up your look. Instead use a face powder. This will keep your makeup intact even if you get drenched.

    Eye shadow: Matte makeup is best suited for this season. Use light colours of powder eye shadows to get that perfect and pleasant look. Avoid too much shimmer as it might overdo the shine and make you look pathetic.

    Eyeliner & Mascara: Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara during this weather to prevent from smudging.

    Blush: Cream blush are suggested as they are water-friendly and will not melt off on your face easily. Carefully blend the blush outwards so that it does not look like a blob of colour on your cheeks. Use subtle shades of peach and brown for that simple and beautiful look.

    Lipsticks: Matte finish lipsticks are best suited as they will stay longer during rains. Avoid wearing sticky lip gloss as it turns into a fashion disaster and would also make you uncomfortable.

    About Riya Vashist
    Delhi-based makeup artist, Riya Vashist has a vast portfolio, ranging from television and editorial to bridal make-up. She is a professional makeup artist with over 8 years of industry experience and has done make-up for countless b-town celebs for example Shahrukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Saroj Khan, Shabana Azmi, Manoj Bajpai, Kailash Kher, Kapil Dev, Gautam Gambhir, Sehwag and many more. She has gained abundant experience through her work with various cosmetic brands during the last 8 years. With a perfectionist attitude and desire to please her clients, Riya is utilizing her years of experience and technical skills to create fresh, flawless and lasting makeup for her clients.