Kala Vithi-10 Master Painters from Rajasthan

    Shovana Narayan, Ashwini Lohani, MD, Air India and Durgesh Shankar with Master Painters

    Kala Vithi-10 Master Painters from Rajasthan


    Mr. Ashwani Lohani, CMD, Air India and Padma Shri Shovana Narayan launched a unique painting exhibition cum sale, ‘Kala Vithi’, showing the work of 10 master painters, at the Lalit Kala Akademi Art Gallery, in the capital today. Its curator, Durgesh Shankar, and other prominent dignitaries, were also present during the inauguration.

    Durgesh Shankar, an ex IRS officer who in his young days posted in Jodhpur, fell in love with the rich and colorful heritage of Rajasthani traditional arts. As a connoisseur of such art and paintings, he went on an extensive search to bring together the best in the field.

    Shilp Guru Pradip Mukherjee, Padma Shri S. Shakir Ali, Shilp Guru Nand Kishore Sharma, Shilp Guru Rewa Shankar Sharma, National Awardee Shammi Sharma ‘Bannu’, National Awardee Ramu Ramdev, National Awardee Kalyan Joshi, National Awardee Trilok Prakash Soni, National Awardee Raja Ram Sharma, and Kuldeepak Soni are the 10 Master Painters featured at the ‘Kala Vithi’ art exhibition.

    The exhibition showcases a unique experiment of contemporary themes through traditional arts. The event witnessed the participation of eminent personalities from the world of film and media such as Ms. Ambika Anand (Editor-in-Chief, Fashion, NDTV Good Times) and Ms. Charu Shankar (Actor and TV host).

    During the inauguration, Durgesh Shankar, Curator for Kala Vithi said, “Society needs artists not merely for keeping traditions alive, but to retain its’ soul. In India, we are blessed with phenomenal diversity, which has experienced an amazing dynamism thanks to our history of migration of cultures. Rajasthan has perhaps experienced these influences more than any other state, and has absorbed them in every aspect of life, including art.

    In this exhibition, through the work of the 10 artists of diverse genres –acknowledged as masters in their fields and quietly churning out masterpieces in remote corners of the state — I wish to introduce lovers of art in Delhi to fine brush-work, the magic of the natural colors and the vivid portrayal of themes. Though we’ve been familiar with this work from childhood, here it is presented to us on a modern palette.”

    Talking at the inauguration of ‘Kala Vithi’, Guest of Honour, Shovana Narayan said “Our ancient disciplines required an artist to be proficient in many art forms. Thus, a sculptor needed to be proficient in dance – just as a scientific treatise needed to be proficient in rhyme & rhythm.

    As a dancer I am amazed at the combination of the sur, taal, and abhinaya, that emerges from these paintings – the flowing garments, frozen movements and the dynamics of the colours used by these painters proves the unity of all arts.” Adding on, Guest of Honour, Mr. Ashwani Lohani – CMD Air India said “My experience with ITDC and now with Air India has shown how much the global community is increasingly turning to the eastern cultures for inspiration.

    These artists are like magnets that draw people from all over the world to them, to learn the age old techniques of presentation of ideas, themes and stories. Looking at these paintings I realized that one never gets tired of good stories retold – especially when narrated by The exhibition shall continue from February 13 to February 19, 2016, at the Lalit Kala Akademi Art Gallery.

    Over 100 paintings are on display, some from private collections of the painters. Among the works on sale include phad paintings (originally narrative scrolls on long canvas pieces, since miniaturized and painted on cloth/canvas or paper), pichwais (large paintings intended to provide a backdrop to the idol of Sri Nathji, to depict a festival or mood) and Rajasthani, Mughal and Persian miniature paintings.