Keep India Beautiful Successfully hosts its 1st event – Run to clean in New Delhi.


New Delhi, June 26, 2016: Keep India Beautiful (KIB) successfully organized ‘Run to Clean’ Campaign on Sunday morning at Connaught Place, New Delhi. It was first of the series’ event, where the runners were armed with biodegradable garbage backpacks and gloves, and were cleaning the running path, which was the very busy Inner Circle at Connaught Place.

The event focused on the cleanliness but also highlighted the importance of fitness in our daily lives. Along with the cleaning process, Reebok CrossFit Robust also organized an interesting fun workout. While the participants were cleaning the roads and the pathway, a huge number of people, who were there for their walks and runs, also helped in the cleaning process.

Team Keep India Beautiful

The event was free of charge for all. The participants included kids, youngsters as well as elderly people. Some ran, some walked and some even cycled. After the cleaning process was complete, all the participants dumped the garbage in a near by dump yard. The bag packs, were saved for re-usage. All the participants were honoured with medals at the end of the event.

The garbage collected from CP, being dumped in a Dump Yard

Puneet Puri, Director, Keep India Beautiful said, “It was our first event and we were hoping for a good response. But it was tremendous. We are thrilled to see the enthusiasm and sincerity with which everyone participated. We aim to host many such events in near future.

Vishal Sethi, Director, Keep India Beautiful, who himself is a runner and a trained Yoga practitioner adds, “It’s time to prick everyone’s conscious by running together to clean the environment as there is no other planet to run to. Let’s Run to Clean our surroundings instead of running away from our responsibilities!

Keep India Beautiful (2)

The event was in association with Reebok CrossFit Robust and was supported by Young Indians – An integral part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).