Learn Everything About The Indian Capital With Delhi Tourism


The Indian capital city of Delhi is an exciting and thrill place to visit.
Delhi tourism has always been popular through the past and continues to flourish in the present. Visitors from all over the world have always been fond of Delhi because of its cosmopolitan yet traditionally rich nature. On one hand, the city is full of malls and shopping centers offering the biggest international brand names, and on the other, you can find tiny by-lanes crawling with street vendors and hawkers calling out their goods. From the most expensive perfumes in the world to the enticing smells of street food wafting out from all corners, the city of Delhi has a dazzling array of experiences to offer.

Let us begin with sightseeing, which is the focus of any travel plan, and is no different for Delhi tourism. Sightseeing in the grand old city of Delhi is an experience unlike any others, because of the vast varieties of places to visit. The monuments you must visit in Delhi are Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, the Lotus/ Bahaii Temple, the India Gate and Jantar Mantar. These places represent the rich historical culture of Delhi and are a testimony to the memorable past of the city. From the Mughals to the British, all people and empires have left their mark on this city. Apart from the monuments one can also spend time in the beautiful, lush green parks and gardens that abound in this city. Nehru Park is one of the most popular parks in the city and one can see various families picnicking in the region in the afternoons. Pack a picnic basket, a rug to sit on and a radio, playing cards or board game to have a lovely evening in the Delhi afternoon.
Next on the list of things to do in Delhi is to visit the various markets. A big part of any travel itinerary is to buy things from the place you are visiting. Little knick-knacks, curios and mementos can make for excellent gifts for your near and dear ones while you can indulge yourself with some purchases that the place is especially known for. A shopping area in Delhi that is a total tourist hub is the Delhi Haat. This market area is a collection of little shops and stalls selling things from various states of India. This place is the one-stop shop for all tourists because you can pick up textiles, clothes, jewelry, accessories, home wares, kitchen wares, pottery, paintings, crafts, spices and much more from each and every state in India. 3-IndiaGate-PicnicThe amazing thing about visiting Delhi Haat is that not only do you get to see and experience a wonderful place in Delhi, you also have the chance to take back a little piece of all the other states of India as well! Another great reason to go to Delhi Haat is the collection of food stalls here. Each state has its own food stall and you can try out cuisines from all over India, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.Apart from Delhi Haat, you can also go to Chandini Chowk for some good old Indian shopping, South Ex and Greater Kailash for more modern, upscale shopping and the various malls in the city to try international brands.