Liberty Luxuries launches Japan’s revered YOKU MOKU to Delhi | The Chanakya- Chanakyapuri


Delhi, December 2017:Japan’s premium confectionery brand, YOKU MOKU that recently debuted in India with its flagship store in Mumbai, is now making a grand entrance at Delhi’s The Chanakya, Chanakyapuri with an aesthetically designed concept space. Brought down by a six decade old Indian conglomerate, Liberty Group’s Liberty Luxuries, YOKU MOKU arrives this December with its freshest and most buttery cookies!



With unique customization options by way of special Japanese packaging with names monogrammed on it, YOKU MOKU brings to you the perfect gifting option. This Christmas, like others before, they present their ‘Collectible Christmas Gift Boxes by CLYV’. The tin, filled with the YOKU MOKU extravagances, is decorated with original artwork made exclusively for YOKU MOKU by Clyv, a featured artist at the Galerie Paris. Each year Clyv produces new artwork for YOKU MOKU holiday tins thus making them collectibles. The Holiday Seasonal Assortment includes two themes namely the ‘Enjoy Happy Christmas’ and ‘The Christmas planet consists of two happy towns’ and are both drawn by Clyv. While the former is a scene of warmth with the houses wearing colorful wool hats, the latter is a scene of happiness with two different towns, the snowing and the star-glittering towns, on the same planet.

YOKU MOKU owes its unique significance to the Swedish town, JOKKMOKK where the founder Mr. Noriichi Fujinawa first tasted European butter cookies. With over 40 years of experience YOKU MOKU is now one of the most famous confectionery brands and has expanded worldwide.Liberty Group’s partnership with YOKU MOKU heralds the beginning of a new era in the evolution of the confectionery market in India.

“We see a strong growth potential in India with the ever growing confectionery industry. Given the demographics in Delhi, the consumption of premium brands is noteworthy. With a plethora of offerings, we at Liberty Group envision a successful journey in Delhi” said Fatima Mahimwala, Business Head at Liberty Luxuries for YOKU MOKU India.

To complement its elegant products, the YOKU MOKU store is aesthetically designed space. Their range of Cookies and Cigars purely made out of butter, is what has made them an International success. Amongst other delicious delicacies are the Double chocolate blanc, Yoku Moku also offers Billet aux amandes – a cookie made by sprinkling almonds atop its fold, White chocolate cookiesCigare Au Chocolat and more.

YOKU MOKU’s heartwarmingly simple tale is sure to entice you to go and experience this delightful store!


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