Making the Most of Your Compact Garden: Container Gardening


The hobby of organic gardening is enjoyable to many people. Especially if your living conditions don’t allow for typical outdoor gardening. Give it a try. Besides – If you don’t like it, it’s all in containers that can be given away!
If you’ve got a small home, but have always wanted to garden, there may be an answer for you. That answer is container gardening. This nature of gardening can be done indoors or outside on a patio, or as a part of your landscape. Container gardening can make is easy to grow the herbs or plants you love in a much more limited area. Half the enjoyment is choosing the containers to start. There really isn’t any limit in what you can grow plants in, with the exception of one thing that would be of a concern is that the container should be made of a food grade material.

Adequate drainage is essential in all the containers you choose. The alternative is to let the roots rot in the soupy soil. Proper drainage can be obtained through a number of methods. The usual method to provide drainage is through holes in the bottom of the container. However, this method doesn’t work if the exit for the water is blocked by a patio or porch step. To solve this problem, holes can also be drilled on the lower side of the container. You need to make certain that the soil used is the best you can find. The dirt in your containers should provide a proper amount of water, while still allowing for proper drainage. Garden soil is not a good option. It has a tendency to drain poorly over time. In most cases, your local garden center will most likely have a specific mix for container gardening, or you can easily create your own.


Plant nutrition is another item you are necessary to think about. The potting mixture you find may not have all the pieces for proper nutritional plant health found in an organic garden. These missing plant nutrients need to be obtained through other means. There are quite a few fertilizers in the store that are specifically designed for this nature of gardening. Make sure you read and follow the directions on the packaging; just remember that more is not necessarily better when it comes to fertilizers. The method used for watering your plant is very valuable as well. Containers dry out easier from the sun and wind, especially during the hot summer months. It is a valuable part of the system to monitor the soil moisture.