Partner Yoga for this Valentine Day:

    Partner Yoga Session - FitMeIn

    Partner Yoga for this Valentine Day:

    FitMeIn, a fitness platform for urban Indians, organized a Partner Yoga session in the city to celebrate the occasion of Love this Valentine’s Day. The 2-hour session by Zubin Atre – one of Delhi’s popular Yoga instructors was enjoyed by many from different walks of life and from every nook of the city.

    Over 100 couples joined for the session to celebrate the day with a difference. Dignitaries like Ms. Mallika Nadda, Mr. Jual Oram Ji, Mr. Tarun Chug and a host of other renowned personalities also marked their presence at this unique get together.

    Doing yoga with your companion lets you set aside your differences in order to achieve a common goal, while elevating your communication with one another. Partner yoga not only makes you feel enhanced and more confident about yourself, it also makes you feel fresh and more connected as a couple, rekindling your love in the process.

    According to Vishesh Goel, Founder,, “This is something we have been trying to achieve for some time now. The very idea is to make partners to spend quality time with each other and enjoy the benefits of togetherness. This is the first time that something like this is done within the city and with every new day to celebrate we will give more reasons to stay fit.”

    Zubin Atre added, “This is a new trend that has emerged in the city where couples due to their lack of time or busy schedule use it to keep their relationship intact. The fun part is not just regular couples but friends, children and even complete strangers are doing it together.”