Petrol, diesel prices to up in Delhi


    Petrol, diesel prices to up in Delhi

    Petrol and diesel prices in Delhi will go up by Rs.2.78 and Rs.1.83 per litre respectively from Thursday as the AAP government decided to increase the VAT on them.

    “The VAT rate on petrol has been increased from present 20 percent to 25 percent and on diesel from 12.5 percent to 16.6 percent, thereby resulting increase in the price of petrol by Rs.2.78 per litre (approx.) and in the price of diesel by Rs.1.83 per litre (approx.),” said a government release on Wednesday.

    After the increase in retail prices of petrol and diesel in Delhi, the retail price for petrol will be Rs 69.43 per litre and for diesel, Rs.52.07 per litre.

    In the monsoon session of Delhi assembly, a bill to amend the VAT law in Delhi was passed. It enabled the AAP government to regulate tax rates on petroleum products, liquor and aerated drinks.