Places To Have ​Best Desserts In Delhi

​Places To Have ​Best Desserts In Delhi

From traditional desserts dating back hundreds of years, to more recent sweet-treat innovations, here is the list of restaurants in Delhi which provide best desserts. However, add to this your own favorites because when it comes to ‘Best Desserts’, sky is the limit! Places To Have Best Desserts In Delhi :

1.The Fatty Bao
Zen Forest – The green tea moss and chocolate giving a bit of sweet and bitterness, yuzu
parfait has the refreshing citrus flavour, black sesame sponge and white se

same nougatine give the nuttiness and crunch element to the dessert. Whereas the beetroot and black pepper sorbet gives earthy taste. Microgreens gives intense packed flavours, that rounds up the flavour of the dessert as a whole. The inspiration comes from spring forest which has vivid colours.


  1. Raasta Hauz Khas & CyberHub
    Lemon Tart – Liberally dusted with fine white sugar, lemon tart is simply a tangy, crumbly
    heaven! A firm, crisp sweet crust held up the thick tart and you just can’t stop spooning more and more – and more yet again!


    Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart: The beautiful sweet combination of chocolate and caramel cut by small pockets of sea salt. An absolute delight on the palate, accentuated by a soft and crumbly crust that melts in your mouth.


    Waffles: The hungry monkey offers a wide variety of combinations from sweet to savory with fresh fruit options and healthy whole wheat for hi fiber diet it makes the waffles here interesting and unique.  One of the most commonly ordered whole wheat with cinnamon maple syrup, seasonal fresh fruit , homemade relish and vanilla bean ice cream. You know what thay say, ‘When you’re stressed, you eat Ice cream, chocolate and sweets. Why? Because stressed spelled backwards is Desserts.’


  1. TabulaBeach 2.0
    Warm Gooey Chocolate Cake: Warm Gooey Chocolate Cake is perfect for that ubiquitous chocolate fix, served with ice cream. There isn’t a chocolate lover on either side of the ocean who hasn’t savored this cake: small, dark and warm, with a lava-like runny center & sophisticated.


  1. Arriba – Mexican Grill and Tequileria
    Tres Leeches Cupcake – While the name literally means “three milks”. It is a Mexican Sponge Cake with a Trio of Toppings. The cupcake itself is all on delish. They’re simply perfect in every way.


  1. Monkey Bar
    Mobar Sundae Sandwich – It is the signature dessert from the Monkey Bar with the Layer of Cake, Ice-Cream, nuts, Nutella, Cream, Jelo, and Tutti-Frutti. Individually delicious, but when they combine it becomes more delicious than ever.