PUB-Licly with Sayan Chatterjee : RJ Raaj Jones – Dilli ka sabse filmy launda!

RJ Raaj Jones

It was a Sunday, and Sunday(s) are usually to cope up household work followed by easy evenings for me in general. However on 21st of August, 2016 the scenes were slightly first paced for me compared to any other Sundays of that month.

I remember, it was half past two in the afternoon and I was looking for a lighter to light a
raaj-1cigarette just being little compassionate to my inner self, and as a post lunch habit of course.

Things just moved to a fun-filled level over a FB ping, when a friend who’s a RJ, wanted to meet me, as our meeting was long pending for some time then. So, there was no reason for me to call off the scope with ‘Delhi Ka Sabse Filmy Launda – RJ Raaj Jones’ that day.

A simple plan evoked in my mind to amplify our whole meeting session, and to which Raaj subtly agreed as well. We decided to catch up at my second home, or better to say a place where I can breathe and laugh out loudly without thinking much. A place that allows me to be myself, nowhere else but at – RAASTA – Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, India.

A place that looks and feel good to me even when it’s off music and sober, as far as the overall ambience of the place is concerned, I guess I am not stupid to be at a dull place to meet a friend. It’s definitely nice and positive. Oh yes! They never fall short with alcoholic concoctions either. It’s a different feeling to be a – Raastafarian.

Now, coming to that day’s awesomeness here are few excerpts following my heart-to-heart conversation with RJ Raaj Jones – Dilli Ka Sabse Filmy Launda!!

RJ Raaj Jones – Dilli ka sabse filmy launda!

Birthday: 13th July First Performance: As a Asst. Producer
High Point of Your Life: When I interviewed Shri. Amitabh Bachchan.
Hometown: Delhi Low Point of Your Life: When I failed in class nine in school, and later consecutively two years in college.
School / College: Sahoday Senior Secondary School, New Delhi. Sun Sign: Cancer


Link to Raaj’s digital channel


Well, RAAJ JONES, is it your original name, or has been taken to go well with the persona of a RJ?
Ans: (Chuckles) I work for a Bollywood inspired private radio station, honestly speaking I raaj-3
didn’t find my original name goes well with my persona in real life, or ON AIR in that matter. ‘Rajendra Prasad’ is my original name, and I believe, that, I am decently handsome too. Life demanded something cool and stylish, and hence how – Raaj Jones embraced by me as a name first, and now as an identity.

How many years in total with radio channels
It’s almost five years now that I am working as a producer, music manager and radio jockey.

‘Raaj Jones – Dilli Ka Sabse Filmy Launda’, this is how you are popular in the city circuit. But, don’t you think as an individual, or as a RJ you have been type casted to a genre strictly, which are films.
True, the tag happened over a course of time. I work for a Bollywood inspired radio station and always been a Bollywood fanatic myself. So, the tag came in unintentionally. These days I am working to break the type-cast and exploring other interactive opportunities with hip-hop artists, individuals, a part of Bollywood celebs. Recently, I have interviewed stand-up comedians like BB ki Vines and Zakhir Khan.

A RJ gets its core identity because of its voice, out of many other attributes. Anything, in specific that you do to take care of your voice?
In my initial days I used to hate my voice. I still remember, that I used to record and keep listening to my own clips. But, later friends and listeners make me believe that I have a decent voice, and can keep continuing with it as a RJ. Yes, after long stretched working hours, and jabbering throughout the day indeed my vocal chords needs some rest, or way outs to rejuvenate. I prefer drinking luke warm water, and talk less. I think it’s sufficient to take good care of one’s voice.

Raaj, ko beats pasand hai! Which genre of music you like the most?
These days’ people relate me to more with hip-hop, and punjabi music, which shouldn’t be the case. I am also the music manager at Oye-FM. I personally enjoy Bollywood retro, and numbers from 90s a lot. In fact, you can tune in to 104.8 between 9pm – 12 midnight. I am sure you gonna like my list.

Ode to the 90s – Your favorite music directors, lyricts and singers from that era.
It’s really a tough question to answer. Still, if I have to state, it would be music director – Nadeem–Shravan. Singers – Kumar Sanu and Udit Narayan, and lyricist – Sameer. I believe these entire set used to rule Bollywood at that point of time. 

Is there any specific message that you would like to share with the aspiring RJs, or people who wants to be a radio jockey in life.
Well, follow your passion for radio, and do not enroll yourself for any private courses. As I don’t see them doing any good to anyone, instead go for a full fledged internship at any of the radio stations. There you will get to learn the actual thing, which would help one to shape up as a good RJ.

You have interviewed many Bollywood celebs and noted personalities. How it feels to give an interview today?
Undoubtedly, it feels great. I initially thought to shy away, thinking it would be a video interview with you today. I personally love interviewing people, be it Badshah bhai, Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, or Big-B. I like this job.

Future plans of Raaj !
Not getting married. Not producing babies, and I wanted to be the best interviewer from India. I aim to pursue raw interviews which will inspire people and not influence minds.



One best thing about Delhi – Food and tourist hot spots.

One technological advancement you wish you could have banned?
Social networking sites, people stopped reading because of them.

A romantic gesture that never goes out of fashion.
Greeting Cards. They should never go out of fashion.

A famous personality you wish to photograph. Do you mean be photographed with? Honestly, not a photograph but I wish for a detailed interview with Sharukh Khan and Akshay Kumar, some day.

One thing that we can say is your companion:
A Uni-ball pen. You will find it always in my right pocket, and that’s too of different colors e.g Orange, Red, Maroon, and Pink at-times. As I love writing myself, I prefer taking notes on a piece of paper than on a laptop. Pink is my favorite pick, as boys take it, and ensures to return it back.