Quantum of History Presented by Art Deal Auction at Le Meridian

Art Deal Auction
Amanpreet, Rajit Kapoor & Sonia Sahni.

Capital recently witnessed and bagged some of the fine work of art preserved from our history and culture through Art Deal Auction. Works of art and sculptures from India as well as from abroad went under hammer in this auction with Mr. Rajit Kapoor as the auctioneer of the event.

There were canvases and paper works by the exemplary artists like F N Souza, S H Raza, K G Subramanyan, Tyeb Mehta, M F Husain, Manjit Bawa, Ramkumar, B Prabha, Anjolie Ela Menon, Paresh Maity, as well as Pablo Picasso among several others. This auction also offered interesting works by eminent Bengal Masters like Jamini Roy, Abanindranath Tagore, Ramkinkar Baij and Nandalal Bose.

It even treasured miniatures from our culture and history that are over a hundred years old and certified by the ASI. It was an opportunity for art lovers and artists to bond over their common interest in art that belonged from modern, contemporary and pre-independence era.

Eminent guests who cherished the event were Niren Sengupta, Kalicharan, Sonia Sahni, Elizabeth Roger, Vijyalakshmi Dogra, Prathana Tagore, Priyanka Tagore,