Raunaq Sahni and Rosie Sahni celebrates the launch of India’s first professional baseball stadium “Field of Dreams”.

An Afternoon was hosted by Raunaq Sahni and Rosie Sahni to celebrate the launch of India’s first professional baseball stadium “Field of Dreams”. The evening took place at Pushpanjali Farms in Brijwasan.
With two internationally acclaimed coaches present and a match in action, guests tried their hand at baseball and catch up with the founders.
Raunaq Sahni
Grand Slam Baseball have collaborated with Major League Baseball, the world’s largest baseball organisation, to launch the field and bring the game to the billion.
About Grand Slam Baseball
Grand Slam Baseball was founded in 2013 by Raunaq Sahni and Jackson Golden. GSB organizes local, national, and international baseball tournaments. It also provides coaching, access to equipment and world-class sporting infrastructure to private and public schools in order to develop baseball talent at the youth level.
Rosie Sahni with Canedian High Commissioner and his wife

GSB is presently working with 8 schools in Delhi and is managing the New Delhi Little League for the American Embassy.

Coaches (3)
GSB aims to be one standard setter and premium promoter of baseball in India with grass roots to professional involvement. It is being actively supported by US Embassy, Major League Baseball, Play Global, Northeastern University and American University in this endeavour

Gurmat Raunaq Sahni is a Social Entrepreneur and has received a Masters degree in Social Enterprise at American University, Washington DC. At age 20, he co-founded Grand Slam Baseball with his childhood best friend to bring baseball to the billion. Raunaq played baseball locally and internationally for more than 15 years. He trained under Blake Doyle, the current hitting coach for Colorado.