Royal Treatment to the Taste Buds at 21 Gun Salute Restaurant


A fine dining restaurant which offers up gourmet delights produced specially under the guidance of a food consultant from the Royal Raipur Gharana.
This season beat the traffic, heat and the TIME too while you retreat your appetite. Yes that’s absolutely right as “21 Gun Salute restaurant” in the expat capital of India,Gurgaon will take you to the glorious past of the Maharajas and Monarchs of India to experience the Royal history. As you enter, the tantalizing aromas waft from the kitchen of the restaurant. The two vintage cars, two vintage bikes parked right next to the tables, the slow music, the whispering talk along with the soft clink of fork and spoon on plate makes it an experience of the bygone era with a contemporary touch. The black and white pictures of the Royals of the five princely states make every wall look resplendent. All the distinctive pieces of art create a unique space for diners.

A fine dining restaurant which offers up gourmet delights produced specially under the guidance of a food consultant from the Royal Raipur Gharana. The multi-cuisine in 21 Gun Salute Restaurant is Royal due to its rich curries, magnificent sauces, exotic herbs and exclusive spices. It will definitely be a fancy for all the food lovers to have marinated roast meats to mouthwatering kebabs. The restaurants multi cuisine facility is as remarkable as its décor. The diners will surely enjoy their experience at the Vintage themed restaurant. The restaurant’s pride is in its own distinct style of cooking.

The cursory glance at the menu card is just like a nostalgic trip to the old bygone era of India and its rich heritage. There is no long list of menu to create any confusion or fuss, as they have an apt and precise list of special delights to mesmerize the taste buds of the guests.The ambiance of the 21 Gun Salute is not studded with upholstery yet it is very artistic. The furniture is placed in such a way that it gives ample space between the tables to protect the privacy of conversations and also gives proper isolation. Thebar at the restaurant is a place to take pleasure in fantastic cocktails, carefully chosen wines, fine champagne and a great range of beer.

5-big2The 160 seater restaurant has two sections: the main restaurant and three private dining halls. These halls are ideally secluded and well ventilated just like the whole restaurant. Exclusive Vintage Wine shelves with large screen in all the three private- dining halls add on to the exotic style. The artifacts like an old camera, gramophone, curved door frames and windows will definitely make you relate to the Royal past of India.For the foodies it is a true paradise with dishes like ZafraniNalli, DesiMurghBemisaal, Tandoori Bater, Galouti Kebab, MirzaHussani, etc. The recipes are so distinctive and exclusive that you will not find them in any Cookery books. The chefs at the restaurant are from the specific regions to cook and prepare each distinctive cuisine with attention to detail to retain the distinctive taste. They will experience the attentive and prompt service with absolute “Aadab” just like the

Princes or Monarchs used to enjoy. It’s a guarantee that every guest will feel like a prince at the restaurant while they will be lost in the gourmet dishes in a relaxed and stylish setting.Enjoy your food in the same lavish style as of the Monarchs or Maharajas from the Royal Authentic India at the restaurant.

The ambiance, décor, aroma, artifacts, vintage cars, bikes and the luscious color of the 21 Gun Salute Restaurant will make it a charming authentic dining experience for you which you would have had experienced never before in your life.