PUB-Licly with Sayan : Stand-up Comedian – Kabir Singh Bhandari, New Delhi, India.

    Stand up Comedian Kabir Singh Bhandari

    It was a Thursday, and was no special by any means which could have prompted me to gulp down a peg, or pint after work at a lounge like, Ardor in CP. I was there for a purpose that day. It was my humblest and sober friend Kabir’s first performance in the tinsel town of Delhi. Our very own Stand up Comedian Kabir Singh Bhandari.

    And, what could have came handy for him, than me, as a FREE ! resource to shrink down the massive space of some thousands sq feet area, traces of the British architecture and Paintings adoring the walls of the café followed by his performance – in form of a video in his phone, which is equally smart like him. I have fairly done a good job for the master though.

    Getting into the discussions about everything under the roof that day, good music snuggled Kabir-Singh-Bhandariup the air and I got a fair chance to dig into some of the best cuisines of the world while watching my friend, who helped many of the Delhiites to laugh out loudly that day.

    Here are few excerpts following my heart-to-heart conversation with Kabir Singh Bhandari that day,  a journalist, who chose laughter more than the words, and letters. He performed at Ardor, on July 28th, 2016.

    Kabir Singh Bhandari – a journalist turned comedian.

    Birthday: November 16 First Stage Performance: Kindergarten as Red Riding Hood
    High Point of Your Life: This moment. When I am giving an interview to you, Sayan.
    Hometown: Kolkata Low Point of Your Life: The day I got to know you.
    School / College: La Martiniere For Boys/J.D.Birla College Sun Sign: Scorpio


    Kabir Singh Bhandari is a Journalist, Comedian, YouTube Content Creator, Voice Over and Mimicry Artist amongst other things.

    Listen to Kabir’s Bollywood mimicry here

    When did the idea to get into stand-up comedy strike you and why?
    Not really sure. Maybe when I was in Dhaka, Bangladesh and came to know about the concept of open mic(s) at NCC (Naveed’s Comedy Club), which is when I thought, “Ye sab karne ke liye paisa bhi milega?” However, as of now I have been more active in doing comedy videos for various YouTube channels.

    Say someone is just getting into performing stand-up comedy. What advice would you give them?
    Let’s keep that part for when I become famous. You should ask this to the biggies like AIB and all- no one’s really heard of me.

    Kabir as – Joker vs Nana Patekar:

    What happens when you crack a joke and the audience does not laugh?
    The times when they don’t laugh, is when you’re like, “Nowhere did I keep my invisibility cloak?” It’s also the time when your balls start crystallizing and turn to steel. So it’s quite an experience.

    Say something funny.
    Naah. You’re not date material. So I’ll pass.

    Have I seen you in something?
    Yes. In fact, the whole of India has. There is this Naaptol Ad in which I am selling a car washing device. It was an audition shoot for which I turned up, thinking it is for some great movie/TV role, not knowing it was for Naaptol. But since it took me like 2.5 hours to reach this bungalow in Madh Island, Mumbai where the shoot was, I was like, let’s just do this. My on the spot dialogue delivery was flawless.But life always has some surprises in store for you- next I know, the ad is live, and my voice has been dubbed by some idiot who makes me look like those foreigners in those ads where they have a Hindi VO. Moreover, I never got paid by them!

    Indian Cricket Ripped Apart:

    Who are the comics you look up to?
    Well, we all know who the famous comedians in the Indian circuit are. But there are a lot of comedians who host show in Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai who have allowed me to perform at their open mike, which I really appreciate.

    You have interacted with many Bollywood celebs and noted personalities as a part of your profession, being a journalist. What’s your feeling right now while giving an interview for yourself as a stand-up comedian?
    (Chuckles) ‘Acha lagta hai’. Aur bhi koi channels/newspapers/magazines hai jinhe mujhe interview karna hai toh I’m very much available. I also believe that last line makes me come across as very besharam.

    This dating app called Tinder is a rage in India. Does your humour help you in getting dates there?
    Humour hi help karta hai. Dilli ke laundo ke jaise SUV aur paisa toh nahi hai na. Sometimes if I really like a girl, I message her on FB, but I guess one comes across as a creep that way!

    Interview with Sajid Khan Link

    You can get in touch with the comedian via:
    Twitter: @shadowwarior
    Or simply can message him on Facebook. 

    A spoof by Kabir: Audition with the ‘Aaramsay’s’ Link:


    • Favourite venues in India to perform: Anywhere!Kabir-Singh-Bhandari-Standup-Comedian
    • What tickles your funny bone? Russel Peters, a few of my friends, amongst other things.
    • One technological advancement you wish you could have banned? Technological advancements are fine, but that damn cartoon Doraemon should be banned.
    • A famous personality you wish to photograph. Do you mean be photographed with? Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    • A romantic gesture that never goes out of fashion. Hi. I love you. And here’s a million dollars.
    •  One life lesson you’d give to the young fellow performers. Watch the best. Practice. Perform. Repeat.
    •  One thing that we would get always on your bed side table: Bedside table dillado bhai, abhi toh sab kuch bed pi hi rakhta hu.