Steal a Sparkle this Summer With bespoke pieces from Neety Singh’s latest collection


Her designs draw inspiration from an amalgam of urban and classical characteristics, which range from bold and bohemian. Every single piece she carves is arduously crafted and stylized in a distinctive manner. She believes in creating priceless masterpieces that are Indian in origin but universal in appeal.
neety-big1Neety Singh’s latest collection of exquisite jewellery is an intricately composed assortment of pieces that exhibit vintage designs with a contemporary flair. Her underlying motto has been to take inspiration from the local styles of art and design of various states in India and simplify the designs in a contemporary language. She has sought to capture just the right balance between traditional and modern day design sensibilities to present a quirky, yet elegant take on regally influenced jewellery.

The summer with its warmth also brings in the season of bright and light jewellery that gives you a fresh yet ethereal look by using diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, pearls and rubies all set in 22 carat gold. Aimed at the 21st century woman, Neety Singh breaks free from conventions to spell magic with jewellery. The latest collection effortlessly combines the needs of today with the beauty of the past. Each piece boasts colourful motifs with fine pearls and diamonds, including turquoise, pinks and greens by playing with stones such as blue sapphire, ruby and emerald.

The collection entails earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces with precious gem stones, gold and diamond, showing off her flair with jewellery design. Be it the feisty layers of jadau in the Panchkala necklace or the luxuriant diamonds surrounding the polki kaanphools, pieces of the latest collection show off inimitable glamour quotient and expert design.

Low resolution images are attached herewith. Please contact for high resolution images of any product.

All prices on request.
For appointments contact: +91-989-137-6999.
Available at: World Spa, Sector 30, Gurgaon, Haryana

About the designer:
Neety Singh is an epitome of inspiration, vision and self belief. After graduating in English Literature and acquiring a post graduate degree in Journalism, Neety Singh worked with KLM as a flight attendant and continued to fly for 10 years, only to later realize her dream of crafting fine and exquisite jewellery pieces.

Since her professional journey began as a jewellery designer about three years ago, her design sensibilities have achieved new heights. With a very elite list of clientele, a well defined growth plan, Neety Singh is a brand to reckon within the contemporary jewellery industry.

In the typical real of two extreme forms of jewellery in our country – the family jeweller or the designer who is limited to a priviliged few, Neety Singh comes as a brand that fills that void. Her creations will not only satisfy a patron with the unique design sensibilities but will also justify its price range.

Talking about her brand, Neety says, “I am conscious of the fact that however liberated we are in behaviour, when it comes to basic conditioning – jewellery is still an investment. Through my designs, I would like to break away from the myth that an investment cannot be beautiful or aesthetic. The one size fits all philosophy is a complete no-no for me. Trends too are less important as compared to what works for an individual’s personality as we are talking about gold, precious stones and diamonds that are eternal.”

The classic designer draws inspiration from bejewelled Mughal Prince and Princess and their beautifully affluent, intricate polki, meenakari, kundan and jadau jewellery, but blends it with an urbane sensibility creating a truly eclectic piece with her uninhibited approach to design and craftsmanship.

Neety has been exhibiting her Jewellery pieces in Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore and New York and plans to take her collection to more global destinations in the coming years. Currently, she retails from her studio in Gurgaon by appointment only.