Stunning watches for brides

Stunning watches for brides

Stunning watches for brides

The perfect outfit. The perfect shoes. The perfect jewellery. The perfect make-up. The perfect addition to the beautiful bridal ensemble this wedding season is a stunning watch from Titan Raga. Designed for the woman who embodies her bridal role with poise and élan, each timepiece crafted by Raga is the perfect balance of sensuality and elegance.

Stunning watches for brides

The selection of timepieces by Titan Raga is exquisitely designed, drawing inspiration from pearls of the ocean, incredible cities, flora and fauna. Studded with Swarovski crystals and pearls, the watches are enhanced with intricate enamel work. The timepieces are an ode to the graceful, confident and sensuous Raga woman.

There is an elegantly designed timepiece for every bride-to-be by Titan Raga, making the bridal attire flawless for each wedding ritual.

Titan Raga- Rs 15995

The Titan Raga watches are priced between Rs. 5495 and Rs. 15995.

Titan watches are available at World of Titan and Helios stores as well as leading multi-brands outlets like Lifestyle and Shoppers Stop and authorized dealer stores.

Engagement: As the couple exchanges rings, all eyes are on the bride’s hands. Adding grace to her delicate wrist is the Perola watch by Titan Raga, complementing the glow of her engagement ring.
A bracelet styled timepiece with the setting of exquisite 22 irregular pearls, it is the symbol of beauty, femininity and sensuality.

In a beautiful harmony, delicate craftsmanship and cultured pearls come together to create a jeweled timepiece. This beautifully crafted timepiece is available in black and white pearls. Crafted in gold and rose gold, the collection has four variants.

Bachelorette: A girls night out to paint the town red on the eve of her big day – the bride-to-be looks radiant and flaunts her glow. As she puts on her single-girl best, the mirror tells her to add a bit of glam to her outfit. The Opera watch embraces her wrist and adds that charm.

Inspired by the magnificent Palais Garnier opera house in Paris, the ‘Opera’ time piece is nothing short of a master piece. An elegantly crafted dial, studded with genuine Swarovski crystals, this watch is guaranteed to take your breath away. A unique jewellery-inspired bracelet strap makes this watch the perfect accessory for this season of celebrations.

Sangeet: A ritual filled with fun and fervor, the family and friends of the bride gather to sing and dance before the wedding. The Blue Bell Tunicate watch adds femininity to the bride as it caresses her wrist on this special day.

A little-known flower casts its spell through this timepiece. Its kada bracelet gently stems from a mother-of-pearl dial. The crystal stones on this bracelet are carefully chosen to elegantly replicate the real hues of the flower. Crafted with gold and rose gold, the collection is available in three variants.

Mehendi: A close knit affair, family and friends apply turmeric paste on the bride as a beauty ritual. The Orchid watch is simple yet elegant, much like how the bride dresses on the eve of her wedding.
This time piece captures the uniqueness of an orchid. As the three petals of the flower are different from each other, the loops around the bezel are placed unevenly. With a solid half kada bracelet, each time piece is studded with Swarovski crystals. Crafted in steel, gold and rose gold, this collection is available in three variants.

Wedding ceremony: The bride is the centre of everyone’s attention, a flurry of preparations all dedicated to make her look like the stunning woman she deserves to be. Bridal accessories adorn her and she looks into the mirror thoughtfully – something is amiss. The Dragonfly watch catches her eye and she smiles to herself while she closes the clasp of the delicate watch.

The watch captures a moment in the woodlands with dragonflies and flowers. Its mother-of-pearl dial is adorned with Swarovski crystals that represent a delicate flower. Colourful crystals on the bracelets create the dance of dragonflies. Crafted in gold and rose gold, the collection has four variants.

While the wedding revolves around the young couple, their friends are important too. Sisters, cousins and friends are caught up in the wedding excitement and want to look their best. Titan Raga also has watches for bridesmaids, family and friends who are looking for sophisticated accompaniments to their outfits.