SUNAR Jewels Presented the preview of 4th edition of the Bridal Exposition Runway Bridal

SUNAR Jewels

Sunar Jewels presented the preview of Runway Bridal, the ultimate bridal exposition at Dusit D2, Aerocity.

The  4th edition of the bridal exposition is on the 3rd and 4th of September 2016 at The Hotel Ashok, New Delhi.

SUNAR Jewels

The premium exhibition showcases the season’s latest designs and services in the wedding industry and help brides, grooms and wedding guests to navigate their way through the magical yet stressful production of planning a wedding.

Praveen Goel on his association with Runway Bridal says “We are excited with the tie up with Ms. Bachchan’s venture Runway bridal, The brand will creates visual poetry with pieces that embrace contemporary styles and modern innovations while preserving the traditional designs at the 4th edition . This is beyond a jewellery brand. This is a journey. Come, be part of it. Be the muse”.