The Benefits Of Owning An Economy Vehicle


What is more, insurance is not as much on my vehicle at the same time as it is catagorized into the ‘economy’ category.

Cheapest-Small-CarI simply have no idea what I would do without my modest vehicle. It isn’t particularly large or overly expensive but it suits my requirements. Okay, my car might have a bumper label on the back stating that my other car is a Ferrari, and even though everyone else on the street knows it’s a tall tale and highly unlikely to be legitimate, I truly love my baby vehicle to bits and wouldn’t swap it for the universe.

Even if I did not have a passion for my vehicle the way I do and got the opportunity to exchange it for the universe, I couldn’t, because it basically is not feasible to get by without a car in this country. The public transport infrastructure is completely insufficient and there aren’t any railway routes to a number of areas. The public bus servive does not operate across the city, just to and out of the town centre and it is unreliable and subject to interruption due to industrial strike action. I know this through many years of relying on public transport which is why I value my car even more.

Another explanation why I adore my car is that it’s an economy model and very affordable to own. Although the fuel tank is nowhere around as large as that of a 4×4, for instance, it costs me significantly less to fill it up since, not only is the gas tank smaller but the auto also uses less petrol than a larger car might. The vehicle frame is compact and light-weight and due to the fact it is a 1. 3, plus it utilizes less fuel to pull away than say a 16-valve. Not only are the operating expenses less, maintenance of cars like my own is cheaper as well. Oh, and it is a lot less costly to replace the tires on my car than a bunch of bigger cars with increased power. What is more, insurance is not as much on my vehicle at the same time as it is catagorized into the ‘economy’ category. Insurance providers think that a cheaper vehicle is cheaper to repair and consequently tend to charge drivers of economy automobiles a smaller amount for their insurance.

Since I am a female I appreciate the manoeuvrability of my small vehicle. I love the fact that I can park in smallish places and make a 3-point turn on a penny, so to say. I do not enjoy driving my husband’s vehicle because of this , and definitely will take my car over his any time because of the compactness provided by the shorter wheel base. Furthermore,I favor my vehicle over my husbands’ because it is a hatchback rather than a sedan similar to his. I haven’t been eager to use it since I clipped the side of the back fender on the edge of the stone flower box beside the drive one time. Although it had been a minor scrape and my hubby was able to re-attach the fender where it became unclipped as a result of contact, I did not enjoy the feeling of the dimensions of the car being more than what I was used to. Of course I could easily get used to having a trunk sticking out at the back but offered the choice I will stay with my hatchback, thank you very much!