The Great Indian World Trip Book launched

Himanshu Chawla, Tushar Agarwal, Sanjay Madan, Subhash Goyal, Tarun Vijay and Amrendra Khatua unvieling the book

The Great Indian World Trip Book launched

After the success of his maiden book “Road Affair” Mr. Tushar Agarwal has recently launched his second book called “The Great Indian World Trip” on 17th April, 2016 at Indian International Center.

The Book was published by Himanshu Chawla, Editor and Publisher at Heritage Publishers. The book showcases the incredible journey of the author sharing the experience of their journey across the world by Car covering 90000 kms in 50 countries and 6 continents.

Chief Guest Mr. Tarun Vijay a member of parliament who is an author himself was there at the occasion to grace the evening.

In words of Mr. Tushar Agarwal, “The Great Indian World Trip is a travelogue about our world, about the kindness, warmth and selfless nature of people living in remote corners of the world who would go out of their way to help complete strangers.”

In words of Mr. Sanjay Madan, “The Great Indian World Trip was an epic journey and we were up for a roller coaster ride, knowing there will be loads of happy days when we would be rejoiced with the wonders of nature and few not so happy ones too owing to the challenges we will face, we didn’t underestimate that too.

There were places like Null arbor Plains in Australia, Patagonia in Argentina , the ones we never dreamt about, met people who never existed in our thoughts, loved by so many we met around. However what is still difficult to believe that an extra ordinary thought of two ordinary people can be converted into reality by just taking a leap of faith and support by family.”

In words of Mr. Himanshu Chawla, “Tushar’s epic journey across the world in his car is truly an unparalleled achievement. His book “The Great Indian World Trip” is a must read for all travel enthusiasts. It is a travelogue with amazing stories about people, cultures, places, near death experiences and much more.”

Synopsis of the Book – “The Great Indian World Trip”
“The Great Indian World Trip” The Great Indian World Trip is an incredible story about 2 guys who beat all odds to live their dream of driving all around the world in their Toyota Fortuner.

Two ordinary Indians, Tushar and Sanjay decided to face all obstacles, take up all challenges, find solutions to a million problems that would come in their way, but resolved that no matter what, they will drive through 50 countries in 6 continents in 1 car! “Preparation only takes you so far, after that you have to take a leap of faith” is what they believed in.

They spent 2 years planning the journey and even after that when they didn’t have enough support or money, they still decided to go ahead on the date that was decided a year ago. Incredibly, help kept coming along the way and bit by bit, slowly and steadily they continued progressing and finally after 15 months, they realized their dream of driving 90,000 km through 50 countries in 6 continents.

The book narrates an incredible story of cultures, languages, places, food, fun, difficulties, challenges and above all the struggles that they face on this one of a kind journey. They created a Guinness World Record in Australia, drove from Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world in Argentina to Deadhorse, the northern most point of Alaska.

They ate a Guinea Pig, Crocodile, Kangaroo, Ox Balls and many more delicacies in different corners of the world, learned the Tango Dance on the streets of Argentina, drove on the Death Road, the Worlds’ Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia, spent time with Billionaires in Africa and had many more such incredible experiences on their 15 month long journey.

The Great Indian World Trip is a travelogue about our world, about the kindness, warmth and selfless nature of people living in remote corners of the world who would go out of their way to help complete strangers.

The book will make you experience the world through the eyes of 2 travellers who stayed hungry so that the diesel tank was always full, who continued driving overnight so that they didn’t have to spend money on hotels, who sacrificed their family lives, put in everything they had, borrowed money, took loans, spent a year trying to get sponsors…all in pursuit of their dream of driving around the world.

Experiences their highs, their lows, their emotional breakdowns, their sense of achievement, their pride on completing this incredible journey and reignite your own passion, be inspired and realize your own crazy dream that is sitting quietly in some corner of your heart.