Think Stations


Our focus is on ‘21st century life skills’ that are paramount in a world where information delivery is just as important as knowledge generation.

Team Explore launches Think Stations, an after-school developmental centre for children aged 7-14. The centre, first of its kind in India, primarily focuses on developing and incorporating 21st century skills and education framework for empowering young minds. Think Stations is the brainchild of founder and CEO, Gayatri Singh.IMG_7817 (3)

“Our focus is on ‘21st century life skills’ that are paramount in a world where information delivery is just as important as knowledge generation. We believe that a culture of ‘curiosity’ is essential to maintain interest and create successful learners.” says Gayatri Singh, Founder & CEO, Think Stations.

The framework of this curriculum emphasizes the importance of 5 Cs, Comprehension, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking. The modules offered in Think Stations are COMPREHEND and EXPLORE.

COMPREHEND is an all-inclusive comprehension programme that contains physical and digital formats to helps improve a child’s audio, visual and written comprehension as well as enhance their practical literacy. The programme is especially designed for children who face problems in academic learning.

EXPLORE teaches children current generation skills in a fun and safe environment through innovative and exciting experiments, games, projects and activities.

Each EXPLORE tackles a big question such as the science behind rollercoasters, the structure of animal and plant cells or natural disasters like a tsunami. Children are taught to work in teams, research various topics, understand and present them. All materials are provided by the centre for showcasing concepts through experiments. Children learn to appreciate the latest technology as a productive tool rather than just mere entertainment.

Over two decades of brain-based research has driven the educational content at Team Explore. Top-line advisors include Marie Brown, an award-winning US education content specialist and Colin Rose, the UK-based founder of Accelerated Learning Systems. Curriculums are developed in consultation with international partners which keeps us in touch with the global education climate and can help a child to be a “Global Citizen”.

About Team Explore:

Team Explore is an integrated education content company, focused on making education fun, engaging and effective. Their target audience is children aged 4-14. The Team Explore programs bring in the best content and environment to ensure children build essentials skills that make them successful in the 21st Century.

Over the next 3-4 months Team Explore will be launching their first 21st Century Think Stations in India – these innovative centres are built based on the latest brain research and looks at equipping children with the key skills required for success in today’s environment.