VLCC launches Slimming, Beauty & Fitness By Mrs. Vandana Luthra

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    VLCC launches Slimming, Beauty & Fitness By Mrs. Vandana Luthra 

    Leading wellness and beauty services and products brand, VLCC, today, launched its newest wellness centre at Pusa Road, in New Delhi, its 22nd outlet in the NCR region, that will offer the entire bouquet of beauty, wellness and preventive healthcare services under one roof to help Delhiites increase their wellness quotient.

    Dr. Jaya Prada, Navrash Kala Abhinetri and former Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) formally inaugurated the state-of-the-art VLCC Pusa Road outlet at a glittering ceremony. VLCC Founder, Mrs. Vandana Luthra was also present on the occasion.

    Speaking at the centre launch, VLCC Founder Mrs. Vandana Luthra said: ““At VLCC we believe in offering solutions that are personalised to suit the needs and lifestyle of our clients. We aim to offer the best technology coupled with an experience of 25 years in the wellness industry.”

    “We are hopeful that the unmatched standards in fitness and beauty services that will be offered by us, keeping with the VLCC Group’s offerings across the 11 countries in Asia and Africa where it operates wellness facilities, would benefit all those who are seeking high quality and efficacious solutions to look good and feel great,” Mrs. Luthra added.

    Equipped with some of the latest US-FDA and European-CE standard compliant appliances, the cutting-edge VLCC Pusa Road facility seamlessly marries innovative, scientific weight management programs with revolutionary skin, dermal cosmetology and hair care treatments as well as regular beauty services.

    Treatments by VLCC at its new Pusa Road Centre

    Express Facials (New)

    Pressed for time? Our premium Express Facials will have you glowing in 35 minutes. Using the finest Swiss and Korean products, our Mini Hydra Boost Facial will infuse your skin with intense moisture and reduce oxidative stress, while the Mini Brightening Boost Express Facial provide a brightening effect while imparting a glow.


    DNA Skin represents the next frontier in skincare wherein relevant information from an individual’s genetic profile is analyzed to personalize a skincare regime, beauty therapies as well as a recommended diet plan, to achieve healthy, glowing skin. The service provides a comprehensive view of an individual’s skin requirements by studying various parameters such as sun damage, pigmentation and the like, that determine collagen synthesis which plays an important role in achieving gorgeous skin.

    DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is the molecule that determines and controls biological functioning. The human DNA sequence is 99.9% identical across all human beings. The 0.1% variation in the sequence of human DNA is one of the major reasons of the variability that is observed in the physical traits and biologi­cal functioning of humans across the world.
    DNA controls the look, feel and health of skin by up to 70 per cent (the rest is determined by the environment). The test identifies key variations that could be responsible for the loss of collagen even before the signs become visible. DNA matched skincare products and therapies are considered to show superior results.

    3 D Body Contour Power Dose Therapies (New)

    For people looking to reduce loose and sagging skin, or interested in skin firming and tightening after pregnancy or weight loss, getting rid of fat, especially around the waist and other problematic areas like hips, thighs, abdomen, arms or for general detoxification and a healthy skin, and cellulite reduction, VLCC’s new 3D range of Body Contour Power Dose Therapies can help.

    3D Body Contour Power Dose is available in four different treatments– 3D Tummy Treatment, 3D Body Contouring, 3D Body Sculpt and 3D Body Firmer, that use a unique 3D body contour power dose serum made from natural vegetable and algae extracts, which penetrates the skin and hypodermal layers. This process is helped and guided by mechanical stimulation and latest technologies like Ultracavitation and Radio Frequency, as well as manual therapy – which together deliver multi-dimensional strokes and vibrations improving blood circulation, oxygenation and cause the absorbed serum to induce powerful anti-oxidation, detoxification, lipolysis and skin firming. Their combined effect is dramatic – a healthier collagen and supportive skin structure.

    DNA SlimTM

    The unique program a weight management program tailored to the genetic make-up of individual customers. It marks a paradigm shift in the arena of weight management where conventional programs worldwide have so far focused on indicators such as BMI, BMR, BCA, and a Waist-to-Hip ratio. DNA SlimTM goes a step beyond by factoring in the impact of one’s unique DNA in the weight loss process, for prescribing the most effective diet and exercise regime, keeping only the individual in mind.



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